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AMAB offers annual contracts without worries. Maintenance and care combined with affordability. Because shipshape is not only proper, it also convinces customers and suppliers to do business!

  • Mowing the lawn and verges

  • Shearinghedges and pruning trees

  • Removing moss from the lawn, access roads and pathways

  • Maintenance of the garden and plants: Grass patches, lawns, trees, hedges, bushes, etc

  • Set-up of plant boxes and fencing for grounds, public spaces, etc

  • Felling, truncating or pruning of trees and bushes

  • Chopping up of garden waste and pruned branches

  • Environmentally-friendly gardening and weed control (without chemical sprays), including removal of weeds, brushing, burning, shovelling, steaming, etc

  • Removal of hogweed, and control of exotic plants

  • Small repairs, for instance on enclosures

  • Contractual spring and autumn pruning

  • Cleaning up of litter for municipalities and organisations, for instance after events, (district) celebrations, markets, sports events

  • Removal of light construction materials and construction waste after structural work

  • Removal of old plants and constructions

  • Maintenance of hop fields, including cutting hops, positioning and adjusting hop tendrils, removing leaves from the tendrils

  • Sectors:
    Public spaces (e.g. recreation grounds, residential districts, cemeteries), companies and company grounds, shopping centres and trade fair complexes, parks and gardens, schools, playgrounds and sports grounds

  • Assistance and support for start-ups


Bram Carrein, Manager Enclave – Marketing & Communication
Tel: +32 (0)473 94 16 97

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Cases Gardening Service


The complete winter pruning of your trees

  • Pruning

  • A to Z finishing

  • Safe execution

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Sustainable entrepreneurship

  • Sustainable interaction

  • Ecological footprint

  • Environmental legislation

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Use of waste islands

  • Better support waste sorting

  • Assembly and installation

  • Sorting percentage doubled

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A win-win situation

“The AMAB gardening team maintains our campus in Aalst and Dilbeek. They pull up weeds, prune trees, cut hedges and maintain our garden in a very professional manner. They are permanently supported by a supervisor – you can see that they are happy about working in a team and are proud of their work. The cooperation with AMAB runs seamlessly, and all agreements are correctly fulfilled.”

Ghislaine Geerits
Campuscoördinator Campus Parnas
Odisee  [school]


Professional support

“For the maintenance of our huge green fence (laurel hedges), we are supported by the AMAB gardening team. We are very satisfied with their work – they do their job very precisely, and, at the end, leave well-kept and tidy grounds behind. Such a partner is of great value to us. Left to our own devices, we could not finish such an extensive job properly.”

Sonja Tiels
Coördinator WOC Ter Linde
MPC Sint-Franciscus  [medical center]


Exacting requirements

“Santana has extremely exacting requirements, both in terms of the work execution itself and its adherence to the agreements made. So, we’re thankful we can count on the green team at AMAB – a highly motivated team of professionals who provide expert guidance throughout. Our collaboration is simply outstanding! Indeed, it’s an absolute pleasure doing business with a company that says what it does and does what it says. Thanks to AMAB, our site also remains exceptionally neat and tidy at all times.”

Christiane Billens
Accounting Administration
Santana  [the specialist in cork floors and walls]