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Our activities


  • Assembly and installation activities for electronic and mechanical applications:

  • Composition, cabling, stripping, disassembly, crimping and mounting of electronic components on printed circuits or flat cable.

  • Configuration of electric components on operating panels and housings.

  • Cutting/stripping of wires/cables, up to a diameter of 50 mm²

  • Positioning of cable shoes with pneumatic presses

  • Installation of extension cords and wiring harnesses

  • Manual soldering of electronic components

  • Testing of finished electronic assemblies

  • Quality first:
    30 well-trained employees, including supervision and quality control, ensure high quality every day.

  • Flexible and innovative:
    Development of modern and innovative solutions, readiness to invest in production resources, temporary or permanent takeover of your machine park, for carrying out activities in-house

  • Receipt and identification of goods, quantitative and qualitative control

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365:
    Logistic coordination, production, tracking & traceability, including communications via ERP software

  • Follow-up on your order from beginning to end by a Sales Support employee.

  • Assistance and support for start-ups

Joelle Van der Eeken


Joëlle van der Veeken, Business Development Manager Elektro-Montage
Tel: +32 (0)498 90 32 80

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Cases Assembly and Installation

Schleuniger draadsnijmachine

New cut & strip machine in Electro-Assembly Department

  • Schleuniger Powerstrip 9550

  • Infrax

  • New wire cutting machine

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More attention to our core business, thanks to AMAB

“In the past, we were responsible for the assembly of our own equipment. This took a lot of time, and also hindered us from working on product improvements. By outsourcing assembly to AMAB, we gained time for our core business. I can trust AMAB blindly: They plan meticulously, deliver quality and expertise, anticipate problems in a timely manner and still provide the flexibility for jointly working on a solution. They represent real added value for the sector.”

Wouter Simons
System Engineer
Cultuurnet Vlaanderen  [government]

sound talks

Flexible planning with a smile

“In the past, we assembled our devices ourselves. Due to our robust growth and, of course, to their extensive experience in assembly, we started up a partnership with AMAB. Thanks to their professionalism, we can sleep soundly, and we are sure that our products are assembled according to the highest quality standards. We especially value their extra quality controls. AMAB offers extremely flexible, short-term planning options, which makes us even more interesting to our customers. And, what’s more, we really appreciate the smile that goes along with everything they do.”

Ken Somers
Management Assistant
SoundTalks  [sound equipment]