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New cut & strip machine in Electro-Assembly Department


27/03/2018 Back to news

AMAB not only invests in people – we also invest in infrastructure and machines.

In order to provide the best service to our customers, we not only ensure that our people provide the best quality but that they also work with the best equipment. That is why our Electro-Assembly Department in Zaventem acquired the Schleuniger Powerstrip 9550, a top-of-the-line machine for a wide range of wire processing applications and wire cutting, fitted with the latest, most modern features.

Schleuniger is the market leader in high-quality wire processing equipment.

Several features of this machine:
• Unique system for placing various blades in one cutter head so several operations can be performed on your cables (standard with M & MR models)
• Multiple blade types for processing complex cables
• Unique concept for positioning a universal slitting blade with micrometer precision
• Rotating incision unit, MR model
• Unique recoil break simplifies the positioning of the cable in the machine
• Program navigation via touch screen and programming options – what you see is what you get
• Cayman software for preparing wire sets at an external location; the operator can then retrieve and produce production data via the server

Take a look below at a short video about the machine.

Schleuniger draadsnijmachine