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  • Why we work on-site at your company:
    You wish to integrate handling in the production process? You would like to save on transport and logistics costs? You cannot relocate the activity/machine? You would like to anticipate circumstances immediately? You would like to focus on core activities, and less on subsidiary activities of your employees?

  • Continuous or temporary work::
    Every AMAB team that works on-site consists of at least eight selected employees, which you can deploy continuously or temporarily, however, always with a certain frequency each week.

  • Perfect supervision:
    Every AMAB team works under the continuous supervision of an experienced monitor, who manages the group, actively works with them, monitors quality and acts as your direct contact point.

  • Full-service:
    As a certified company that provides customised work (sheltered workplace), AMAB sees to everything for you, including the composition of the team, on-site supervision, monitoring of quality and the achievement of production standards. That way you can concentrate on your core tasks. In addition, you do not have to worry about payroll processing, because our team remains on the payroll of AMAB and you only get a single invoice, at an extremely cost-effective rate.

  • Professional and enthusiastic team:
    The most important advantage for you: Our employees are an ideal team – they are motivated, well-versed in their work and have great pride in what they do. Furthermore, they are given the right training, so that all tasks can be handled smoothly and without errors.

  • The industrial sectors we serve::
    Logistics service providers, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, health & beauty care sector, graphics companies, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), e-commerce, wholesale and retail trades, assembly companies and electronics departments, etc.

  • We also provide assistance and support for start-ups.


Bram Carrein, Manager Enclave – Marketing & Communication
Tel: +32 (0)473 94 16 97

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Repacking of shoes

  • Repacking shoes

  • Temporary work on site

  • Flexible availability

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Excellent and high-quality work

“AMAB provide excellent and high-quality solutions for our packaging activities (setup of displays, preparation of promotional packages, etc.). Even in the case of large production runs, every label is glued with the same precision in the right place. And on top of that, they work at the market tempo, while also adapting flexibly to peaks and declines in the workload. Meanwhile, AMAB employees have become like family here.”

Thierry Cardon
Sales Manager
NedCargo  [logistical service provider]