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Working at AMAB



Jointly we create an enthusiastic working environment, in which everyone can develop in his or her own way.

We work in an environment in which such values as teamwork, solidarity and responsibility are of essential importance. We deal with one another in a respectful and honest way. The strength of AMAB is furthermore shown in its flexibility, transparency and openness. All of this means that we are an enthusiastic group of people, who work in an organisation where everyone can be happy.


We make sure that every employee is given competent support and supervision. And to ensure high-quality employment of our people, a competent team of supporting and supervising managers provides an appropriate framework.

Within our People & Organisation team, personnel managers are responsible at each of our sites for a Social Policy Department, ensuring that every target group employee is given professional supervision at the workplace. This is where one should go to with questions, comments and suggestions.

At regular intervals, an individual meeting is held with each employee, with the objective of jointly determining personal development plans, so that the talents of each individual are correctly applied.


Employees with an occupational disability can always register, either spontaneously or via a referral, for instance via the Belgian GTB (‘Begeleid Wonen’ = supervised residence) service, or a BuSo school, which is a special needs school in Belgium.

The recruitment of our target group employees is carried out in cooperation with the Flemish Employment Services and Vocational Training Agency (VDAB). This agency determines whether you, as a person with an occupational disability, can be considered for work in a sheltered workplace. If you have been certified, then we will invite you for a meeting and possibly a trial day. If you have not been certified, then we can familiarise you with the certification procedure. Together with the VDAB, we will then ensure a smooth transfer to our organisation.

This is how you can reach us:

For Asse: or AMAB Asse, Zone 5 Mollem 90, 1730 ASSE
For Halle: or AMAB Halle, Zavelstraat 97, 1500 HALLE
For Zaventem: or AMAB Zaventem, Sterrebeekstraat 137, 1930 ZAVENTEM

When applying for a job at AMAB vzw, your personal data is stored and processed in accordance with the provisions stated in the General Data Protection Regulation. These data are stored in a secured database and will be treated confidentially. Your data are only consulted by persons who need these data for handling your job application. When you send us your job application, you explicitly agree to the storage of your data in the database for a period of a maximum of 2 years. The personal data is not stored longer than necessary.