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The most sustainable washing solution​

The first fully automated and most energy-efficient washing solution for reusable cups in Europe.

Cup it clean originates from a partnership between AMAB & Festicup.

AMAB and Festicup crossed paths in the beginning of 2019 and found common ground in their commitment to sustainability and social economic work. Both companies are committed to sustainability & Cup it clean constantly strives to offer you the most responsible cleaning service.
​AMAB vzw is a social economic company with more than 800 people working together as one motivated team and operates 3 facilities near Brussels (Asse, Halle and Zaventem). Due to a ban on the use of disposable cups, AMAB decided to invest in sustainability and they installed the first fully automated and most energy-efficient washing solution for reusable cups at their location in Asse.

FESTICUP is a fast growing company having all the relevant knowledge about reusable cups. With more than 75 different cups, you will definitely find your cup. Reusable cups can be bought or rented, printed or unprinted, all according to your specific preferences. Moreover, we dispose of a mobile washing solution both for small and big events.

Together both companies join forces and bring you CUP IT CLEAN.

A social economic en sustainable solution to clean & dry your reusable cups.



Buy or rent reusable cups.
More than 75 different kinds of cups available.


Based on the client needs we can offer transportation and storage.
All orders of cups will be timely delivered at your event.


We guarantee 100% clean and dry cups!
And most importantly, you will contribute to social employment.

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Using state-of the art technologies, we are the sole market player able to guarantee 100% dry and clean cups.

Located at the heart of Belgium, we have a wide reach to provide a social-economic service causing less/smaller transportation flows

You may request an offer on info@cupitclean.be.