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Excellent and high-quality work

“AMAB provide excellent and high-quality solutions for our packaging activities (setup of displays, preparation of promotional packages, etc.). Even in the case of large production runs, every label is glued with the same precision in the right place. And on top of that, they work at the market tempo, while also adapting flexibly to peaks and declines in the workload. Meanwhile, AMAB employees have become like family here.”

Thierry Cardon
Sales Manager
NedCargo  [logistical service provider]


Smooth integration!

“At AMAB, everything revolves around enthusiasm, speed and flexibility. Their values closely align with our own core values. At our factory, we have smoothly integrated an AMAB team of 15 employees, from which we have gained a lot of flexibility in respect of our customers. And furthermore, we no longer have to put unnecessary trucks on the road. Thanks to AMAB, our ecological footprint is shrinking, and our entrepreneurial activities have become more sustainable.”

Gert Paesmans
Manager Logistics
Refresco  [factory soft drinks]


AMAB, a support for our entire organisation

“For assembling our richly-filled goodie bags, we always call on AMAB. They promptly make these properly ready, which means that their distribution at our event can be done efficiently. Working with AMAB means for us a guarantee of proper work, and is a support for our entire organisation. Time and again, AMAB’s contribution has been important for the success of our events.”

Johan Schots
Event & Partnership Manager
UBA Belgium  [advertising]

The insiders

Professional and pro-active

“They are really professional at AMAB at assembling packages to strict deadlines, both for small and larger volumes. AMAB’s customer service department works proactively, so that we are always informed and can still change some things as the project progresses. We are able to serve our demanding customers even better, thanks to their very quick and flexible services.”

Tom Vanfraeyenhoven
Senior Campaign & Operations Manager
The Insiders  [social media]

Brussels Airport

Top service!

“We have been working with them since Sabena were still around. You can count on AMAB! Maximum service under very good conditions. You are given access to a contact person, who follows up on your project from start to finish, and who offers solutions along the way.”

Geraldine Jacobs
Corporate Image & Sponsoring Coordinator
Brussels Airport Company  [airport]


More attention to our core business, thanks to AMAB

“In the past, we were responsible for the assembly of our own equipment. This took a lot of time, and also hindered us from working on product improvements. By outsourcing assembly to AMAB, we gained time for our core business. I can trust AMAB blindly: They plan meticulously, deliver quality and expertise, anticipate problems in a timely manner and still provide the flexibility for jointly working on a solution. They represent real added value for the sector.”

Wouter Simons
System Engineer
Cultuurnet Vlaanderen  [government]


AMAB… a logical step

“When it comes to manual handling, consulting with AMAB is a logical step for us. They always work very precisely and correctly. Their employees work with us in monitoring deadlines and anomalies. For us, such a partner is a must-have. In short, AMAB say what they will do, and do what they say.”

Tina Van den Meersschaut
Sponsoring Manager
De Standaard  [media company]


A win-win situation

“The AMAB gardening team maintains our campus in Aalst and Dilbeek. They pull up weeds, prune trees, cut hedges and maintain our garden in a very professional manner. They are permanently supported by a supervisor – you can see that they are happy about working in a team and are proud of their work. The cooperation with AMAB runs seamlessly, and all agreements are correctly fulfilled.”

Ghislaine Geerits
Campuscoördinator Campus Parnas
Odisee  [school]

Sint Franciscus

Professional support

“For the maintenance of our huge green fence (laurel hedges), we are supported by the AMAB gardening team. We are very satisfied with their work – they do their job very precisely, and, at the end, leave well-kept and tidy grounds behind. Such a partner is of great value to us. Left to our own devices, we could not finish such an extensive job properly.”

Sonja Tiels
Coördinator WOC Ter Linde
MPC Sint-Franciscus  [medical center]