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E-mail disclaimer

E-mail traffic is subjected to the following conditions:

The information contained in these e-mails is the property of AMAB.

This information is strictly confidential and it is only destined to being used by the addressee. It is prohibited to distribute, copy or use this information without explicit authorisation.

E-mails only render the point of view of their author, and do not necessarily correspond with the point of view ofAMAB.

Entering into legal commitments must be done in pursuance of our company rules by means of a letter or a fax and provided with a signature of one or more authorised persons.

If you received this e-mail by mistake, please inform the sender by reply e-mail and delete the e-mail you received in error. E-mail messages and attachments are carefully scanned for computer viruses according to our standard procedure. However we cannot guarantee that they are virus-free.

Privacy: E-mail sent from or to the address of the sender mentioned above can be read and kept by AMAB.