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AMAB is a modern and reliable social enterprise for customised work (in the past referred to as a sheltered workshop), which has 800 employees in three easy-to-reach locations around Brussels, namely Asse, Halle and Zaventem. AMAB offers a varied range of services, including one-stop-shopping and all-round solutions, which can be provided within its own walls or at the site of the customer, all at competitive prices that conform to the market.


A motivated team provides a personal approach to your problem, and it searches for a customised solution together with you. Flexible planning, in combination with strict follow-up and efficient preparation of the work, ensures that your order is prepared correctly and in a timely manner.

AMAB is aiming for a People, Profit and Planet environment that inspires people to personal growth who are not able to work in a normal work environment. We combine this clear social objective with a cost-efficient and commercially responsible way of working.


The sustainable and adapted employment of our 800 employees creates real added value, which is available to small or large, and domestic or foreign enterprises.

Thanks to our modern infrastructure, flexible employees and the advanced techniques that we use, AMAB makes its partners commercially stronger and increases their competitive strength.


People, planet, profit

Our mission is to jointly develop a People, Profit and Planet environment that inspires people to personal growth who are not able to work in a normal work environment.


Mission and statement AMAB

Gratitude for every moment that comes our way.
Each and every day, there are thousands of opportunities to be thankful for:
For instance, good weather, because we have slept well, because we have gotten up,
for our health, because we have had enough to eat…
Opportunities to be thankful come along continuously – we feel that is what life is all about.

(David Steindl-Rast)


AMAB vzw strives to find a responsible balance concerning People, Profit and Planet, and it does this through sustainable interaction with the environment..
We believe in our contribution to the creation of a better planet. We are thankful for nature and the resources that it offers us, and we want to use these scarce resources sustainably and with all due respect.

This starts with respecting all environmental legislation.
But we wish to look beyond that…

The environmental awareness of every employee, in each department and at every level, is stimulated continuously, and every one of us is involved in reducing our ecological footprint. We also aspire to having this awareness by our employees outside of their working environment. Based on measurements of our ecological footprint, we formulate initiatives and actions that lead to a responsible use of the resources that nature makes available to us. We focus our attention on the use of water, all forms of energy and a responsible management of waste.

We would also like to arrive at a well-founded ecological cooperation with our customers and suppliers..

AMAB vzw views transparency, reporting and innovative action as basic requirements for a responsible environmental policy.