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Case on site: Toyota Motor Europe goes for sustainability, and AMAB makes its contribution.


The use of waste islands

Toyota Motor Europe is committed to the environment and has done research showing that personnel and visitors do not sort everything that they throw away. Not surprising in itself. But the primary reasons for this are surprising:
– The absence of suitable waste containers
– Correct labelling of the waste containers

That is why we have recently started using so-called waste islands, namely waste containers that are positioned in groups, where each of them is assigned for a different type of waste and very clearly labelled. These waste islands exist in two different formats. The results are amazing: The sorting percentage has almost doubled since then! You will find a picture of the waste islands at the bottom of this article. AMAB took care of the assembly and the distribution of the waste islands over the domain. We are happy to be able to contribute to this form of sustainable entrepreneurship and respect for the environment.

Cleaning and protection of teak furniture

AMAB also took care of the cleaning/protection of about 150 pieces of outdoor furniture. The protection consisted of rubbing in teak oil on all of the furniture pieces.

Packaging waste bins for Toyota Europe