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Customised packaging project: Shelf divider for L’OR


L'or shelf divider

New l’OR aluminium capsules

In 2011, L’OR was the first to introduce coffee capsules, which are sold in large- and medium-sized supermarkets. L’OR is currently presenting a new generation of aluminium capsules, which have been specifically designed for use with Nespresso coffee machines. The metallic capsule ensures a still more intensive espresso, with better conserved aromas and a creamier foam layer.


A shelf divider, what is that?

A shelf divider is an information carrier, which hangs crossways in the section. Such a shelf divider is exceedingly visible from both ends of an aisle, thereby attracting the attention of the shopper. The advantages of a shelf divider include:

  • Lots of space for advertising
  • An excellent eye-catcher in the section/aisle
  • High-level stopping power
  • Demarcation of your product range

How did AMAB help the L’OR brand in creating their specific shelf divider?

To achieve the desired outcome, we professionally subdivided the project into a series of smaller steps.

  • Step 1: All of the folding lines of the plastic shelf dividers were pre-folded
  • Step 2: Complete set-up and installation of the shelf divider
  • Step 3: Pre-folding of all folding lines of the small transparent boxes
  • Step 4: Removal of the L’OR Espresso caps from their boxes and collecting them in small bulk boxes by colour (being careful not to dent the caps!)
  • Step 5: Attaching the caps with tape on the tabs in the agreed colour order
  • Step 6: Folding the transparent box completely open
  • Step 7: Incorporating the transparent box with double-sided tape in the shelf divider
  • Step 8: Staggered deposit of the cup boxes in the shelf dividers

Below you can see more photos from L’OR.

In the following promotional film, which was prepared by our client HighCo, you can see a number of our other realisations in the area of store promotions, such as, for instance, the Lipton Glorifier and the Catsan Divider. Click on the photo to start the film.

L'or shelf divider